Zulu Tours

The Drive

The drive from King Shaka airport to Rourke’s Drift doesn't pass through any major conurbations. The 1st part of the drive is on a motorway (N2), when you get off the motorway you drive around 40 miles on a major road that rambles through semi-countryside and tidy suburban areas. After that, it is all rural roads other than through the tiny town of Babanango.

We drove the route earlier this year and it all felt very safe, very quiet and very rural. If you want to make a stop there are service areas on the N2.

The last bit of the drive is on unsurfaced roads - roads are ok & are signposted - 1st to Isandlwana & then to Rourke’s Drift.

Also, the R68 takes a hard-right turn at one-point midway between Melmoth & Babanango and the signpost is easily missed, I saw a signpost for Babanango Valley just as we drove past the turn & decided to ignore it - big mistake - take the right-hand turn.

We will stop and stay at the Rorkes Drift hotel.

The Tour in Detail

  • Flights from London Heathrow to Durban airport 
  • Drive to Rorke's drift and stay at the on-site hotel 
  • Private tour guide a local expert takes the group on tours 
  • To Isandlwana and Rorke's drift. 
  • Meals are included