Into the Reich

Visit some of the most iconic sites from WW2

And immerse yourself in the rich history – the stories, struggles and pivotal moments that we remember to this day. This Is a chance to explore it all first-hand and have a truly unique experience.

The Tour in Detail

  • We drive to Folkstone to take the Eurotunnel across to Calais (35 minutes on the train) 
  • Our first stop is just south of Calais, the hardly heard of fort Mimoyecques.The fort is the location of Hitler’s V.3, the hill of the fort has tunnels which conceal the site of a 4-barrel supergun, the Germans did not manage to get the technology to perfect this weapon, the site was bombed by 617 squadrons in July 1944
  • The story of J F Kennedy's eldest brother jack is part of this forts story
  • We use an in-house guide to tour this unique site
  • Onto Dunkirk and the small town of Wormhout where the SS in June 1940 
  • During the retreat to Dunkirk massacred many English soldiers
  • Travel onto the town of Ypres in Belgium .see the great cloth hall church
  • Hotel in Ypres - Dinner and The Mennin gate “last post“ ceremony at 8pm
  • Breakfast 
  • Travel deep into Belgium to the great Maginot line fortress of fort Eban Emael. This is a giant fortress built into a hill above the Meuse river where in May 1940, the Germans employed special forces troops and equipment for the first time to capture the fortress in 15 minutes
  • We use a specialist in-house guide at the fort
  • Lunch 
  • Onto the medieval city of Aachen on the German border, this city has the great cathedral of the emperor Charlemagne
  • The city of Aachen was captured by us troops in 1944 commanded by General George Patton
  • The first German city to fall, the battle for this city was very tough for both sides
  • Hotel in Aachen - Dinner + Breakfast 
  • Onto the rhine and the bridge at Remagen, the Ludendorff bridge story is one of legend and its defence, capture and role in getting us troops across the Rhine
  • The journey then shifts to the great dam at Mohne, the Dambusters of 617 squadrons, Guy Gibson VC, the unique bouncing bomb story and Barnes Wallis. To stand on the Damm and look up, it is almost unbelievable how they flew the mission and breached the Damm, what a story!
  • We then move onto the infamous Wewelsburg castle, the home of Heinrich Himmler and the birthplace of the SS. This is a place that is totally unique and disturbing, we use a specialist guide here. There are no words to explain Wewlesburg castle, it can only be visited
  • Hotel in Dortmund - Dinner + Breakfast
  • Drive back into Holland 
  • Overloon museum, the site of a great tank battle and one of the best museums in Europe for all things WW2
  • Overloon British cemetery
  • Eyewitness museum Beek Holland, the Rhine crossing
  • Sittard British cemetery, where the youngest WW2 CV winner is buried - a Danny Donneni
  • Hotel in Eindhoven - Dinner + Breakfast
  • Drive to Calais -Eurotunnel - UK - Home