Arnhem Tours

Arnhem & The Battle of the Bulge Tour

Please note, dependant on the wishes of the group we can extend by 1 day and visit the battlefield of waterloo, where wellington fought napoleon (the new visitor centre and museum are very good.)

The Tour in Detail

  • Minibus drive to Eurotunnel Folkstone
  • Cross to Calais (trip takes 35 mins) 
  • Drive into Belgium 
  • We start with a visit to the SS prison at fort Breendonk, located north of Brussels. This is a unique site where a specialist tour guide takes over to tell the Story of what happened
  • We move onto the operation market garden zone
  • We drive up Hell’s highway to the wings of liberation museum at best in Holland 
  • Then down to the bridge at son for the US 101st airborne story
  • Hotel in Eindhoven - Dinner + Breakfast 
  • Continue the drive-up hells highway now into the US 82nd airborne zone
  • We cross the bridge at the grave, then onto Nijmegen bridge for the great crossing 
  • Of the Waal River by the US airborne and the guards armoured
  • We now move into the 1st British airborne zone of Arnhem, the iconic bridge
  • Onto the Hartstein hotel, the Oosterbeek airborne cemetery
  • Hotel in Arnhem - Dinner + Breakfast 
  • Drive across to northern Belgium to the battle of the bulge zone 
  • Malmedy, the massacre site and museum
  • We then drive down to Houffalazie, the centre of the bulge zone 
  • Great museum and the site of the only original king tiger tank
  • Drive through Foy and onto the trenches in the woods in front of Foy, where the easy company had to hold
  • The great US museum just outside Bastogne is unique and a must visit
  • We finish the day in Bastogne  
  • Hotel in Bastogne – Dinner + Breakfast 
  • Visit the 101st battle of the bulge museum in Bastogne and the special exhibits private museum
  • Depart - Drive to Calais 
  • Eurotunnel - UK - Home 

Customer Briefing

Welcome to the briefing note on the four-day trip to Arnhem and the battle of the bulge story and experiences.

The objective is to give a bespoke experience. We meet and depart on day 1; we travel to the Eurotunnel at Folkstone.

Please be advised that, prior to the crossing, I will require your passport details for the compulsory checks made.

A Personal Note

I have been doing my tours now ever since 2005, so far everybody has found it a relaxing and interesting experience, above all be comfortable and enjoy our company as I take you to the Arnhem experience.

In 4 days will we see it all, no, there is too much to show you. But I do promise you that you will see some places that the usual tourist groups never experience.

Advanced Passenger Information

  • The dress code throughout is entirely casual
  • Please feel free to bring any drinks, water or snacks you want 
  • We will stop on our journey for comfort breaks as requested
  • Once we have crossed the channel, in general, we go via the main motorways
  • There is no heavy walking at all, the whole trip is on the flat
  • It is the custom for the group to dine at the local restaurants in the evenings, a great way to unwind and enjoy glorious local foods
  • If you would like to dine another way then please feel free, this is a casual no-pressure experience
  • Most places we visit English is spoken
  • The 3 nominated hotels are very comfortable, and you can breakfast at each if you wish, it's your trip
  • Entry to the museums is approx 8 euros each we stop at 4 in all
  • All museums and restaurants accept debit/credit cards
  • Bring euros if you wish
  • It is a courtesy to meet at the appointed times, not to be late as it upsets the schedule
  • Take as many pictures as you like and enjoy my tour
  • Using your mobile in France is the same as in the UK