Tours of Normandy

D-Day with our in-depth tour

Discover the most iconic sites involved in D-Day with our in-depth tour. We take you across the channel and onto the iconic beaches of Normandy, exploring the local areas and the pivotal roles they played in WW2.

You will stand on the iconic beaches Omaha, Utah, Gold, Juno and Sword. Visit and see where the British and US airborn operations took place.

The Tour in Detail

  • We start our trip with a drive to Folkstone to take the Eurotunnel train 
  • Under the channel to Calais (the train takes 35 minutes)
  • We then drive through northern France across the great bridges over the river seine at le harve and down into Normandy
  • We stop for comfort breaks, most of the route 3 hours is on the motorway
  • Our first stop is Merville battery and the night assault story by the British 9th airborne on the night of the 6th of June. The museum and bunker complex are a story of British airborne spirit to capture an important strategic objective against terrible odds. Entry is approx 8 euros each
  • Onto the Orne river bridge and the assault and capture and then the holding of this vital bridge until relieved
  • Visit the museum here is 8 euros each, then a break at the café Grandide the first place liberated on D-Day
  • We then visit the airborne cemetery at Ranville
  • Hotel in Normandy - Dinner + Breakfast
  • We go to and see the grand bunker just back from Sword beach and the landing on D-Day story
  • Onto the D-Day beach coast road, past the Canadian Juno beach sector 
  • Then down to the great gun battery at Longues Sur Mer and go into these great gun bunkers
  • We then go on down into Arromanches, gold beach to see the Mulberry harbour and visit the 360 degrees day cinema with its unique d day British Memorial
  • Lunch in Arromanches
  • We move on then into the US zone, the great cemetery at Coleville onto Omaha beach and its memorials and bunkers
  • We finish our day at the scene of one of the great assaults by the US rangers at Pointe du Hoc
  • We then pass the bunker complex at grand camps Maisy and its incredible story
  • Hotel in St. Mere-realise, where we have dinner and then at night we experience Church Square and the US airborne story of tragedy and victory. The paratrooper on the steeple is still there! 
  • Breakfast 
  • We start with the incredible story at the bridge over the Merderet River at la frere, where the legend of iron mike was born
  • Onto the story of the medics and the church at Angloville, which is truly amazing. In the midst of a battle between the US paratroopers of the 101st and the german paratroopers, 2 amazing young medics make history
  • The go through saint Marie du mont and pass the scene of easy company's battle at Brecourt Manor
  • We move onto Utah beach and the great museum
  • Lunch 
  • Grainger is a story to be told at this little church on a strategic hill where a group of the 82nd paratroopers held off a division of SS for 2 days. the price those civilians left behind paid
  • (if time permits, we can stop at the D-Day experience museum at dead man's corner where the d day Dakota simulator gives a unique experience) 
  • We arrive at the beautiful medieval city of Bayeux
  • Hotel - Those that wish can venture into Bayeux to visit and see the Bayeux tapestry
  • Dinner + Breakfast in Bayeux 
  • Then a short drive to the commonwealth war cemetery at Bayeux 
  • Then into the Bayeux D-Day museum
  • Depart 11.30 
  • Drive to Calais  
  • Eurotunnel - UK - Home

Customer Briefing

Welcome to the briefing note on the four-day trip to Normandy and Battle of the Bulge with D Day story and experiences.

The objective is to give a bespoke experience. We meet and depart on day 1; we travel to the Eurotunnel at Folkstone.

Please be advised that, prior to the crossing, I will require your passport details for the compulsory checks made.

A Personal Note

I have been doing my tours now ever since 2005, everybody has found it a relaxing and interesting experience, above all be comfortable and enjoy our company as I take you to the Normandy experience.

In 4 days will we see it all, no, there is too much to show you. But I do promise you that you will see some places that the usual tourist groups never experience.

Advanced Passenger Information

  • The dress code throughout is entirely casual
  • Please feel free to bring any drinks, water or snacks you want
  • We will stop on our journey for comfort breaks as requested
  • Once we have crossed the channel, we go via the main motorway for approx
  • 3 hours to get to the Normandy area. We will cross the great bridges at le harve - a great spectacle in itself
  • There is no heavy walking at all, the whole trip is on the flat
  • It is the custom for the group to dine at the local French restaurants in the evenings, a great way to unwind and enjoy glorious French food
  • If you would like to dine another way then please feel free, this is a casual no-pressure experience
  • Normandy, in my opinion, is very like Devon and is very affluent
  • If you wish to sample the main local drink, its Calvados, an apple brandy. 
  • The 3 nominated hotels are very comfortable, and you can breakfast at each if you wish, breakfast is approx 8 euros. 
  • Entry to the museums is approx 8 euros each we stop at 4 in all
  • All museums and restaurants accept debit/credit cards
  • Bring euros if you wish (when we reach Bayeux, you may wish to visit and see the Bayeux tapestry, this may cost approx 10 euros)
  • It is a courtesy to meet at the appointed times, not to be late as it upsets the schedule
  • Take as many pictures as you like and enjoy my tour
  • Using your mobile in France is the same as the UK